Documentation and the Early Years Learning Framework


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By Jan Millikan and Stefania Giamminuti

This new title in our EYLF series links the EYLF and documentation. Drawing on research from both Reggio Emilia and Australia, the authors are well placed to offer these insights.

From the Foreword by Jennifer Sumsion:

Jan and Stefania have taken up the challenge of ensuring that belonging, being and becoming doesn't descend into cliche. As they explain, they have written with the aim of sparking enriched responses to belonging, being and becoming. And indeed, they have succeeded beautifully in showing how the principles of the Reggio Emilia educational project in Northern Italy can map so effectively onto the principles of the EYLF.

But importantly, they also show how bringing Reggio Emilia principles into conversation with the EYLF can provoke new ways of thinking about the possibilities of the EYLF. By focusing particularly on documentation, they make a timely and valuable contribution. They challenge some of the many myths about documentation that have emerged and taken hold over recent years. They complicate every day understandings and push readers to think more deeply about the possibilities that this distinctive aspect of early childhood practice affords. But equally importantly, they discuss ethical issues and related concerns that have been raised about documentation.



CHAPTER 1 Documentation as an Attitude

CHAPTER 2 Documentation for Becoming

CHAPTER 3 Documentation for Being

CHAPTER 4 Documentation for Belonging

CHAPTER 5 Early Years Settings as Places of Research

CHAPTER 6 Concluding Contributions from the Authors On Belonging, Being and Becoming

104 pages

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