Clarifying Serum


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Clarifying Serum
Night exfoliant Serum - 30ml

  The ultimate transformative serum.

19% mix AHA and BHA - latic, glycolic, malic, salicylic, tartaric, citric.
Licorice root extract - Anti inflammatory
Pineapple - Exfoliation
Bilberry - Antioxidant, skin healing
Mandarin - Treats congestion

Fruit acids and liquid extracts get to work while you sleep, for an overall perfected complexion by morning.

Potent actives improve skin texture and tone while vitamins repair the skin’s deeper layers to restore a youthful appearance.

Formulated with ingredients to deeply hydrate and soothe inflammation, this rich serum is perfect to pair with our Essential antioxidant – Morning Serum, for a non-stop vitamin infusion.
Pineapples are known for their Bromelain, an enzyme that assists in skin debridement / peeling.  Often used in medical centres, (for burns) This gentle exfoliating action helps to gently boost collagen production by removing dead skin cells. 
This in turn helps to brighten and smooth the complexion, leaving it looking fresh and clean.
In addition to this key enzyme, Pineapple extract is also rich in natural Vitamin C and B Vitamins which help protect against oxidation and moisturising the skin.

Apply Clarifying Serum at night after cleansing with Effective Skincare, Creme Facial Cleanser . Warm one pump on your fingertips then massage into the skin and neck avoiding the eyes, corner of the nose and lips.
Follow with Effective Skincare's Hydrate if needed.

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